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Guide to Job Search

We are all candidates for new roles, it’s just a matter of when.

The Guide to Job search is presented in a chronological order that approximates your job search.   Each section is a single page of tools and posts with each stating what challenge/problem it addresses – so you can zero in on what is slowing you down today!

As 80-90% of jobs are generally found through networking, the guide is heavily focused on that effort.  Also, jobs found via networking can be far less competitive than applying via on-line.

Good luck!


12 Expectations of Job Search

Entering into a search with proper expectations will help you be more productive and keep your spirit strong – there are enough issues that make it tough, no use adding your own.

Getting Started – Your Role

If you are evaluating what roles might be of interest, what types of companies might suit you best, switching industries, start-ups or a non-profit.

Getting Started – Assembling Your Story

You are more than a resume and you’ll need more to be successful – including the most brilliant resume feature ever shared with me.

Getting Started – Assembling Your Network

Understanding how you can mutually network with someone makes all the difference.  Also, there is no shortage of network groups as well.

You and the Recruiter – How does it work?

Recruiters are a misunderstood lot – set your expectations right, you can have a mutually beneficial relationship that everyone will be happy to have.

You and Outplacement – How can I take advantage of it best?

If you are lucky enough to have outplacement, then here’s how to take advantage.

Getting Social (media) – Does it and can it help?

This is another useful tool to position yourself in the market (by avoiding becoming more noise!)

Getting Out There – Let’s Network

Set up.  Prep.  Meet.  Follow up.  Repeat.   Here’s how to get it done.

Managing Your Networking

A fellow candidate once said to me to be effective, “You need to be ruthlessly organized” – he is right.

Keeping Your Psyche Strong

You are your number one sales person.  You need to be on your best form to show the promise of success you bring to a company.

Opportunities – Applying and Interviews

The networking has its first payoff, now making it count by getting ready for your moment in the sun.

Post Search

Again, we are all candidates for new roles; it’s just a matter of when.   Become the person who keeps the network ready, as you never know when a sale, divestiture, management change, etc. may have you back in search.

All materials, tools, and blogs are copyrighted by – for private use of fellow job seekers.  Not allowed for use by recruiters, outplacement, career coaches or other uses without prior written consent by   This site has always been a free resource for fellow candidates.

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