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A Job Seeker’s Challenges

There are dozens of challenges, in either full or part time search, but here are my big three that seem to impact all of us in search.

Seriously, I don’t want (or ask) to be here:  The most commonly expressed sentiment of fellow candidates is the first you want to do in job search is to get out of it.  The challenge becomes that it is hard to invest time into ‘getting good’ at something you really do not want to do (It feels like getting good at going to the dentist).   You need to focus to succeed.

Time is Your Most Precious Commodity:  To shorten your search, then you need to think about where you are investing your time.  The more effective, the less time you spend in search. 

Who is the expert where I can get advice?  There is no one expert, but many perspectives to take in. The closest thing I’ve seen to an expert is someone who has taken in views of Outplacement, Recruiting, Career coaches, Human Resources and fellow candidates (active and those who landed) – which often is your fellow job seeker.  They have the true ‘gold’ of firsthand experience of living through all the challenges.

Okay, I get it.  Now What?

It is time to move to “How to Use this Site” to use the content to get you into a new role – all of which came from either my own search activity, chairing a networking group for five years and networking with hundreds of fellow candidates .   These fellow candidates have taken approaches that I never even dreamed of or ran into challenges that I had not seen.  This site is the ‘greatest hits’ of hard-earned lessons from being out there on how to be effective and stay motivated.

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