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Welcome to the Candidates’ Chair

CandidatesChair is a practical guide to networking and job search with one goal: Shorten your search by sharing experiences from candidates to candidates.

What you will find here is advice and tools built from hundreds experiences of networking meetings, networking groups, applying for jobs, interviews, and activities to stay positive.

The top menu will get you everywhere you need

1)      A Job Seeker’s Challenges” –  The top three challenges

2)      How to Use this Site– An approach for using what you find   

3)      Guide to Job Search” – Sharing successes and mistakes for each phase of your search

4)      Networking and Search Tools” – Built from my own searches to improve my effectiveness

Welcome.  You are among friends.

Mark Richards

Seeking new CFO/COO or VP Finance position (that’s right, I’m just a working guy)