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You and The Recruiter – How does it work?

What you need to do with recruiters to best help your job search

Find as many recruiters who work in your desired profession and industries.  Use the e-mail template below or their website to submit your resume for entry into their database.  Now you are in the right place to be considered for their active searches.

That’s it.

The posts below will help you understand more.


E-mail Template to submit resume to and potential meeting with Recruiter

  • Very short and simple e-mail that accomplishes the main goal, getting your resume into the recruiter’s database.


Curbing Your Frustration – 3 Lessons to understand the recruiters’ role in the job market

  • NEED ADDRESSED: Saving you and the recruiter time and heartburn by having the proper expectation of what happens when you reach out to a recruiter

Apply for Roles with Recruiters – When to Bet, Draw or Fold

  • NEED ADDRESSED: Simple guide for whether or not to apply and what to expect

Preparing for a Meeting with a RecruiterWritten by Marcia Ballinger of BallingerLeafblad

  • NEED ADDRESSED: How do I best prepare when I do have a meeting with a recruiter

Frequently Asked Recruiter Questions

  • NEEDS ADDRESSED: Answer common recruiter questions

o   How can I stand out with a recruiter?  (Hint: It’s all in the database)

o   Why Won’t the Recruiter Meet with Me?  (Actually, you don’t want them to)

o   Why does it seem like the Recruiters have all the jobs?

o   For whom does the recruiter work?

o   What about the “Out of the Box” Candidate?

o   What if the recruiter does not see how my skills transfer?

o   Am we doing things that mutually waste time?

o   What’s up with all the rotten recruiters and how do you interpret what they are saying? (Like any industry, there are clunkers – also, these lines are a bit of fun)